We Are ALL Innocent by Reason of Insanity:
A Musical Key to Compassion
Not Right in My Mind

The first song in the show, “Not Right in My Mind,” serves as an introduction to the idea that we are all out of touch with reality.
The Evolution of Confusion

How did humans get so confused as to believe things like "making a virgin sacrifice will please the volcano god" or "if you die without being saved you will go to hell"?
Arthur Hancock created a musical version of the "We are ALL Innocent" philosophy. Below are three songs from the musical, performed by Arthur Hancock and Kathleen Brugger.

The musical is comprised of 16 songs, and is meant to be listened to in a certain order. Click here to visit our YouTube channel playlist.
We Are ALL Innocent by Reason of Insanity
The Insanity Song

What do humans actually know? We act as if we know all sorts of things absolutely, and this delusion about our knowledge defines our insanity.